Specific Short-Sprint Assessment For Beach Volley Defensive Actions

Landing, L. O. L. E. D., & Volleyball, O. S. I. Specific ShortSsprint Assessment For Beach Volley Defensive Actions. Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine44(5 Supplement), S403.

Defensive actions are one of the most important phases for scoring in beach volleyball. Team tactics and decision making are both decisive to get advantage in the rally but these decisions are conditioned for short-sprint ability on the sand. The specificity of these movements in this particular surface requires an appropriated assessment method. PURPOSE: To design and report reliability and validity of a new method for assessing defensive displacements called Short-Sprint Ability Beach Volleyball Test (SSABVT). METHODS: Seventeen sub-elite beach volleyball players (29±6 yrs; 1.85±0.09 m height; 78.56±13.44 kg weight) were assessed for short-sprint and jump ability on the beach volleyball court (three trials each test). The first test consisted in sprinting to the net in diagonal, departing from the center of the court (Velleman PMD10 ® light gates were used to switch on the timing Chronojump Bosco System ®), touch a contact sensor situated at 4 m in diagonal, coming back to the starting point and continue sprinting to the other touch sensor located on the opposite corner, and finally return to the starting point (final test time). The second tests consisted in performing a counter movement jump (CMJ) on a rigid surface. Coefficient of variation (CV) was calculated and Person product-moment correlation was used to compare short-sprint ability and jump ability. We also used a t-test to determine the difference of the mean between regional (RP) and national (NP) ranked players. RESULTS: CV was less than 2% in both tests. Significant correlations were found between SSABVT time and CMJ flight time (r=-0.81; p<0.05). The NR players needed 0.26 sec less (p<0.01) than RP in SSABVT and jumped 0.036 sec more (p>0.05) than RP. CONCLUSION: SSABVT constitute a reliable and valid test for short-sprint ability assessment on the sand court. NR players perform significantly better the specific sprints on the sand than RP, but not the CMJ.

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