High-speed cameras in sport and exercise: Practical applications in sports training and performance analysis

Buscà, C.; Quintana, M. & Padullés, JM. (2016) High-speed cameras in sport and exercise: Practical applications in sport training and performance analysis. ALOMA. Revista de Psicologia, Ciències de l’Educació I de l’Esport, 34 (2), 13-23

Technological advances applied to the world of sport have improved the experiences of participants, coaches and spectators. Specifically, high-speed cameras and slow-motion video have allowed for study leading to improved learning processes and performance in sports, as they have made it possible to analyze movement and evaluate various factors involved in these processes. Thus, these cameras have helped supply additional feedback for training and learning sessions. Moreover, they constitute a valuable tool for both researchers and coaches to assess performance and measure the duration of events, velocities, accelerations and forces that are generated in human movement. This article aims to deepen readers’ knowledge in this area. It analyzes the various tools on the market, as well as smart mobile phones and applications based on the use of the camera, often high-speed cameras. It also makes reference to software used for movement analysis. The article seeks to highlight recent research that has applied this technology and to suggest affordable and valuable practical applications for improving training and teaching processes in modern sport

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