Correlative study about the speed capacity with and without skates

Arboix-Alió, J., Aguilera-Castells, J., Ferrándiz, C. (2017). Hockey patines: estudio correlativo de la capacidad de aceleración con y sin patines. REVISTA INTERNACIONAL DE DEPORTES COLECTIVOS. 31, 18-31

This study is aimed at analyzing the speed capacity in a sample of 10 roller hockey players by comparing the influence and the performance of the exercises executed with and without skates. Non-professional and male players (aged 22,6±3,6 years old) were undergone to the 20 Meter Dash test, which analyzes the speed capacity. The test was applied with skates and with sneakers comparing and correlating their records. The Student t test and Pearson’s r were applied. Better records were observed in the 20 Meter Dash test with sneakers (3.11±0.11 sec) compared to the test with skates (3.19±0.07 seg) (p=0,035). The correlation in the 20 Meter Dash test was moderate and non-significant (r=0,331; p=0,350). In consequence, it is recommended, due to the lack of correlation, that the training of the roller hockey players, in order to improve their performance and speed capacity, should be executed on skates.

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