Analysis of the home advantage in roller hockey

Arboix-Alió, J; Aguilera-Castells, J. (2019). Analysis of the home advantage in roller hockey. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 11(3):263-272.

The aim of the current study was to analyze the home advantage effect in Spanish roller hockey male league (OkLiga). For this purpose, 3964 Spanish league roller hockey matches were analyzed from the 1999-2000 season to 2015-2016 season. Goals scored and received were also analyzed when the teams play at home. In addition, it has been analyzed whether the change in the regulation of roller hockey imposed in 2009 has affected in the home advantage and in the goals scored for match. Results show that exist the home advantage in Spanish roller hockey men’s league (OkLiga) with a value of 59.8%. Moreover, the results indicate that teams score more goals when playing at home. The change of regulation show that the teams score an average of two more goals per game and also that home advantage has decreased by two percentage points. Keywords: game location, performance analysis, team sports, match variables.

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