Research team:

Jordi Simon, PhD; Jorge Coderch, PhD; Loles Gonzalez Garcia; Miquel Àngel Prats, PhD; Elena Ojando, Antoni Miralpeix, PhD; and Xavier Àvila, PhD

Financial entity: Projecte ARMIF – Agència de gestió d’ajuts universitaris i de recerca (AGAUR)

What: The objective of this project is to implement and assess the flipped classroom model in the initial training of prospective teachers in the Primary Education degree course. The flipped classroom method is based on the proposal to flip the pupil’s learning activity between the school and family environments by invisibly integrating technology in the teaching-learning processes.
Therefore, with the flipped classroom, the time traditionally devoted to explain and work on content in the classroom (to know) will be mainly devoted to collaborative and/o personalized work thus facilitating the acquisition of competences, the integration of digital technologies, and the educational assessment (to know how to do) at school, whereas at home students develop their autonomous work towards the access to learning content by using those technological resources at their disposal (computer, tablet, mobile phone… ).

Who: Participants in this project will be teachers in the Primary Education degree course from different areas who will experiment the flipped classroom method with their groups, and also active Primary Education teachers who will also apply this method to their Primary groups (higher cycle), which will allow us to analyse both how this method works in teacher training and it will contribute with elements of analysis concerning the projection of their training experience in its application at school.

How: The implementation of this project will be carried out following the research-action process, with the teachers implementing the flipped classroom being those who will assess the impact and results of this method on the teaching and learning processes.
The need to transfer knowledge between university and school will be taken into account, so that in the final stage of the project, there is the possibility to organize a reflection and exchange seminar on the flipped classroom method both for Primary Education teachers and university teachers in the Primary Education degree course.