Research team:

Mar Esteve, PhD (coord.); Anna Pagès, PhD; Anna de Montserrat, PhD (Grup PSITIC); Mercè Cols, Mariona Dalmau, Àngel Jesús Navarro, Carlos Moreno, Jordi Musons, Mònica Bardalet, Carles Gràcia

Financial entity: Projecte ARMIF – Agència de gestió d’ajuts universitaris i de recerca (AGAUR)

Ethnographic study and design of a cross-sectional training itinerary at university and practice educational centres about the ethical commitment of prospective Education professionals.

The main objectives of this research are as follows:

  • To review how and when ethical issues are dealt with during the four years of the Education degree course in order to identify strengths, shortages, and possible lines of relationship and sequencing.
  • To set up a reflection process to agree on what a teacher has to work on in relation to the ethical profile of this profession. To involve, in this process, active teachers and head teachers, university teachers, practice students –both Early Childhood and Primary Education students-, and experts or specialists.
  • To develop a detailed training plan to be applied throughout the syllabus of the current Education degree courses –in all academic years and in all subjects- and to be present in all training spaces –both academic and school- in order to make it possible to construct the ethical profile of prospective teachers deeply and holistically.
  • To think about training and debate formulas with training agents involved –university teachers and teachers from practice schools.