Research team:

Financial entity: Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament de Governació i Relacions Institucionals.

A decade after the declaration of the year 2005 as the “European Year of Citizenship through Education”, on the centenary of John Dewey’s work “Democracy and Education” (1916), and on the historical and political moment that Catalonia in particular and Europe in general are living, there is concern that, at this very moment, there is still no consolidated itinerary towards the education of participative and democratic citizenship, so necessary for the country.

From these initial reflections, the main objectives of the project Children’s contribution in democratic societies: From school governance to town and country governance are as follows:

  • To identify capacities, competences, opportunities, needs and obstacles when promoting the participation of children and adolescents in society;
  • To analyse the participatory channels, mechanisms, and approaches of children at school;
  • To detect opportunities to reinforce a participatory fabric that, from the school (classroom assembly, and children’s school council), can be linked to the citizen (children’s town council) and autonomic (children’s national council) contexts.