Family involvement as a priority element in high school

Referència: Pañellas, M.; Alguacil, M. i Boqué, M. C. (2010). Family involvement as a priority element in high school. International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies, 2(3-4), p.301-314.


Family and school are the two main socialising settings of children and adolescents. Their joint responsibility in education is a commitment that should be established in an atmosphere of confidence to tend towards a learning community model. Research works, as those by Pineault (2001), Soler Prats (2002) and Martinez and Alvarez (2006), back that parents’ participation in school life has beneficial consequences for the family ?school dynamics. In this research, the participation of families in secondary schools is analysed through 1388 questionnaires and 21 interviews, and some elements of reflection and working tools are presented to enhance and promote family involvement.