Research team:

Dr. Carlos M. Moreno; Dra. Eulàlia Ros; Dra. Susana del Cerro; Ana Perelló (Grup Organització, Persona i Canvi – URL); Dr. Jordi Longás i Eva Rodríguez (Grup PSITIC – URL)

Financial entity: Life Long Learning Programme

The RETAIN Project is developed within the European Commission’s “Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)” which is aimed at designing learning experiences for a good development of education in Europe. The project is led by the University College South in Denmark and has partnerships from other European universities.

The project focuses on how to develop an inclusive and creative working atmosphere in schools that inspires collaboration among the different generations of teachers, between the school and the external world, between pupils and teachers, and between teachers and parents. This inclusive working atmosphere is not possible without innovative teachers, with initiative, creativity and commitment. Therefore, the objectives of this shared project are about the capacity of schools in Europe to attract, retain and promote talent and capacity for teaching innovation.