Lines of Research

The lines of research of the CILCEAL group are the following :

  • The plurilingual and pluricultural paradigm in the teaching and learning of languages: IPA (Integrated Plurilingual Approach)
  • The use of the L1, other languages and translation in the teaching and learning of additional languages
  • Content and language integrated learning as a teaching and learning method in different subjects (CLIL/AICLE)
  • The learning of an additional language in a intercultural and plurilingual context as a factor of social integration
  • Children’s literature as a teaching and learning tool to develop intercultural competence
  • Collaborative translation teachingDidàctica col•laborativa de la traducció

Presented PhD Thesis

Learning English through Translation: the Affectivity and Diversity Approach, by Cristina Mallol i Macau, July 2006, Universitat de Vic.

El taller de traducción: una metodología didáctica integradora para la enseñanza universitaria de la traducción, by Marcella La Rocca. February 2007, Universitat de Vic.

Web-searching for Translation Students: An Exploratory and Multiple-case Study, by Vanessa Enríquez, March 2011, Universitat Ramon Llull.

Translanguaging in the Additional Language Classroom: Pedagogically-Based Codeswitching in a Primary Education Context, by Cristina Corcoll i López, March 2013. Universitat Ramon Llull.

A Plurilingual Approach to Language Teaching in Catalonia: Using Heritage Languages in the Additional Language Classroom, by Caterina Sugranyes Ernest, March 2017. Universitat Ramon Llull.

El lideratge de la innovació educativa per implementar l’AICLE als centres d’educació secundària: Estudi de casos AICLE, by David Soler, July 2017. Universitat Ramon Llull.

PhD Thesis in Progress

Jaclyn Wilson: Working within the Plurilingual Paradigm: Use of Translation to Enrich Additional Language Learning and Plurilingual Competence in Secondary Education in Catalonia. Research plan approved: 2013-14. Excellent.

Diego Mansilla: El rol de las estrategias socioafectivas en la enseñanza y el aprendizaje colaborativo y situado de la traducción  en una clase virtual. Research plan approved: 2015-16. Excellent.

Presented Masters Thesis

The Foreign Language Classroom in a Primary School: A Positive Context for Promoting Plurilingualism and Intercultural Communicative Competence, by Caterina Sugranyes, 2011.

New pathways in the Secondary e‐EFL classroom from a Socioconstructivist Perspective, by Sònia Muñoz, 2011.

Educació Física en llengua anglesa: un projecte AICLE en el marc universitari, by Carme Flores, 2011.

Organization of Postgraduate and Masters Programmes 

For information on postgraduate and Masters programmes coordinated by members of the research group CILCEAL, consult the section External Projection.