Cristina Corcoll

foto GR

Lines of Research:

The Plurilingual and Pluricultural Paradigm in language teaching and learning: EPI (Enfocament Plurilingüe Integrador/Plurilingual Integrating Approach)

The impact of the L1, other languages and translation on additional language teaching and learning

Short CV :

Translator and interpreter (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 1992-1996)

Teacher specialized in Foreign Language Teaching (Blanquerna, URL, 2002-2005).

Doctor in Education by Universitat Ramon Llull (2013).

Teaching experience: 10 years as English specialist teacher in Early Years Education, Primary Educacion and Secondary Education in school IPSI (Barcelona). At the moment, lecturer at the Psychology, Education and Sports Sciences Blanquerna (URL) and coordinator of the Official Master in English Teaching and Learning in Early Years Educacion and Primary Education.



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