With a total number of 50 senior researchers, more than 20 junior researchers, and 25 national and international competitive funded projects, the Research Institute for Educational Innovation and Leadership is characterized by developing research and knowledge transfer activity in such issues as educational innovation, creation of new networked educational organization and leadership models, new information and communication technologies, socioeducational participation and mediation, ethics of educational and organizational leadership, intercultural dialogue in our society, and language learning in multilingual contexts.

All the projects led by the researchers in the Research Institute mainly aim at creating a space for knowledge exchange with a focus on scientific research on innovation and leadership in the field of education and society, expanding the borders of knowledge and becoming a consolidated reference for our society, by offering spaces for training, learning, collaboration and intervention in social and educational transformation processes.

Affiliated to the Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology and Educational and Sports Sciences, Ramon Llull University, the Research Institute for Educational Innovation and Leadership is concerned with the highest quality of its projects and researchers, periodically accredited by the university quality-control system and the Catalan and Spanish agencies for University Quality, thus ensuring all the international standards of quality and scientific ethics.