The Research Institute for Educational Innovation and Leadership has the aim to consolidate its research lines, increasing the level of excellence of projects and the degree of internationalization of research outcomes, as well as to consolidate the degree of knowledge transfer to society in an applied, modelled, and transformational way.

Research lines:


  1. Pedagogy, Society, Innovation and ICT
    1. Educational innovation with ICT support and leadership
    2. Territory, education and inclusion: new networked educational organization and leadership models
    3. Socioeducational participation and mediation: leadership competences
    4. Ethics of educational and organizational leadership
  2. Language teaching and learning
    1. The Plurilingual and Pluricultural Paradigm in language teaching and learning: EIP (Integrating Plurilingual Approach).
    2. Incidence of L1, other languages and translation when teaching and learning a foreign language.
    3. Content and language integrated learning as a model to teach and learn different subjects (CLIL/AICLE).
    4. Learning a foreign language: an intercultural and plurilinguistic context as a factor for social integration.
    5. Children’s and youth literature as a teaching and learning tool to develop intercultural competence.
    6. Collaborative didactics of translation.
  3. Identity and Intercultural Dialogue
    1. Research for practical strategies for intercultural and interreligious dialogue.
    2. Training trainers in interreligious dialogue.
    3. Development of pedagogical materials about the interreligious dimension of our society.


The Research Institute for Educational Innovation and Leadership is structured into three Research Groups affiliated to Ramon Llull University and recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia as consolidated research groups, one of them being also funded, which design and develop top-quality research projects in the field of social and educational transformation.

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The services offered by the institute are as follows:

  • Knowledge transfer to educational centres and social organizations.
  • Observatory of educational innovation, leadership and social transformation.
  • Training and follow-up in innovation and leadership, language learning, and interreligious dialogue.
  • Placements for PhD or MA students.
  • Exchange placements for researchers from different universities, both at a national and international level.
  • Assessment of projects and/or programmes in relation to leadership and innovation.
  • Direction of PhD theses in this field of study.