With a total number of 35 senior researchers, more than 20 junior researchers, and 15 national and international competitive funded projects, the Research Institute for Sport, Health and Society of Barcelona (Re-Sport) is characterized by developing a wide variety of studies in the different fields of sport and physical activity. The research projects in Re-Sport include research lines on sport and health, genetics, the elderly and chronic diseases, adapted sport, training and innovation, physical education, social intervention with sport, economic and urban development, active tourism and leisure, public policies, sports management, sports psychology, and history of sport. This is a holistic vision of sport and physical activity in different contexts and with cross-disciplinary approaches.

All the projects led by the researchers in the Research Institute mainly aim at contributing with new knowledge on sport as a phenomenon of great social relevance and for the health of people, causing an impact on the quality of life of citizens, and contributing to innovate with research applied to sport and with the transfer of knowledge in the public and private sectors.

Affiliated to the Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology and Educational and Sports Sciences, Ramon Llull University, the Research Institute for Sport, Health and Society of Barcelona is concerned with the highest quality of its projects and researchers, periodically accredited by the university quality-control system and the Catalan and Spanish agencies for University Quality, thus ensuring all the international standards of quality and scientific ethics.