GRPF members participate in specialized postgraduate couple and family training at the Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Educational Sciences and Sports.

Theoretical-practical training of two academic courses specialized in couples and family therapy. Training by the FPCEE Blanquerna-URL specialized in postgraduate training, and the School of Family Therapy of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and the IUSM Vidal and Barraquer-URL, institutions specialized in postgraduate training in therapy of couple and family. Aimed at graduates or graduates in Psychology or Medicine and Surgery.

Blended Master's degree that integrates the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the professional practice of systemic therapy. Training by FPCEE Blanquerna-URL (Barcelona, ​​España), el Centro Peruano de Terapia Familiar y de Pareja (Lima, Perú), la Escuela Sistémica de Chile (La Serena, Chile), el Centro para el Estudio de la Terapia Relacional Sistémica (Málaga, España) y la Escuela Sistémica Básica Avanzada de Cartagena (Cartagena, España).

Joint training between the Fundació Nen Déu (Projecte Som Infància) and the FPCEE Blanquerna-URL. The course aims to provide up-to-date knowledge and provide the student with therapeutic, technical and personal skills for the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health in children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability. Aimed at graduates or graduates in the field of health.

Training course to apply Open Dialogue in the treatment of psychosis and other serious mental disorders. Training to design, develop and evaluate Open Dialogue processes in different professional contexts of mental health and social care. This program is supported by the developers of the Open Dialogue, the Finnish working group, Jaakko Seikkula and Anni Haase, who will be the main teachers of the course. Aimed at mental health professionals and related areas.

The FPCEE Blanquerna-URL doctoral program in Psychology is a program attached to the Department of Psychology of the same Faculty. The members of the Couple and Family Research Group actively participate in directing and tutoring the doctoral theses of the different lines of research.

The master's degree, essential for professional practice in the field of health psychology, aims to train in the skills specified in the guidelines of the general health psychologist, with a professional approach that includes comprehensive and integrated training. The members of the GRPF participate as teachers in the subjects of Intervention in couples, Evaluation and intervention of eating disorders, Advances in psychological evaluation in the health field, Health promotion programs and areas of intervention, Practices and Final Master's Project.