The results were summarized in a list of ten strengths and weaknesses of the project.


  1. Multidisciplinary work as a coherent and necessary response to the competence character of Education studies at FPCEE Blanquerna, to the holistic conception of knowledge and training of teachers of 21st century children.
  2. Shared teaching, knowledge transfer as a source of enrichment particularly for the teacher, but also for the learner.
  3. The transformation of the teaching team, communication, generosity, creation of a bond beyond the academic and professional work.
  4. Group sessions as an example of globalizing work that students can move to the Early Childhood Education school and as an opportunity for teachers to expand their vision of students.
  5. The experience of the creative process as a powerful learning tool for students who discover their capacity to merge disciplines, make decisions and transcend the literality.


  1. Lack of depth in the relationship between disciplines, expressed by teachers and shown by the students’ difficulties in grasping the connectors between subjects.
  2. Difficulties in assessing the specific contents of each field of knowledge.
  3. Lack of time shared by teachers to prepare and anticipate contents and activities.
  4. Lack of time to reflect with students about the reason for each activity, to go beyond the anecdote.
  5. The context, the organization of time and space. The lack of flexibility in the schedules of teachers and students. The lack of spaces large enough and well equipped to work there in a multidisciplinary way.