Feelings of fear, uncertainty and at the same time willingness to face a new challenge have emerged, especially with regard to the organization of sessions and interactions among three teachers sharing class and evaluation.

Multidisciplinary work has provided methodological changes, enrichment and added creativity in teaching proposals. Classrooms were opened and knowledge shared. It took, however, a lot of preparation, consensus and therefore meeting hours.

The students’ artistic creation process enriched teachers. The teachers’ involvement in this process makes feedback between teachers and learners possible.

A problem with available space was detected; classrooms are still very determined to work specific disciplinary areas there: plastic arts classroom, music classroom, movement classroom…

This experience has led teachers involved to contaminate other multidisciplinary method modules and to consider a transdisciplinary method for next year.

The evaluation of artistic productions and their didactic adaptations have provided information on how the three areas can interrelate by providing a holistic view and getting closer to the children’s way of doing things.


To go deeper into a new way of considering teaching in the context of university studies, based on action-research

To contribute with evidence of changes in the methodology of university teachers, based on a multidisciplinary work.

To jointly evaluate the experiences of teachers and students in the same process.