It has been found that the level of representation of the male gender among professionals in the field of education in Catalonia is really a minority. Unlike La Paz, where male representation is much higher.

  • Institutional level:
    • Concerning to the institutional aspect of schools, teachers in Catalonia report that the school pedagogical and management documents clearly express the value of gender equity, as it is an issue that the whole education system has long been aware of and working in this line. In La Paz, management documents do not include the value of gender equity, although they admit receiving specific training designed to enhance a relationship of equity among pupils.
    • In Catalonia, there is a lack of training on gender equity.
    • It is necessary to ensure continuous training of teachers and professionals involved in Early Childhood education and to reflect on the attitudes, comments, prejudices that may lead to certain behaviours.
  • Educational level:
    • In Catalonia, the best results are those that refer to the use of material, the type of activities, classroom decoration, pupil grouping… resulting from the work on coeducation at school.
    • In La Paz, there are difficulties in equitable teaching practice.
  • Personal beliefs of professionals:
    • Both in the assessment of child play and in the types of relationship between teacher and pupils, in La Paz there are more gender stereotypes. In Catalonia, the opposite occurs, although we can see that children keep repeating behaviours and stereotypes that bring about gender discrimination.