Planning and Method

First Phase:

Descriptive Study on the Incidence of Male Teachers in Early Childhood Education in Catalonia

An approach to the real situation in our country, Catalonia, is carried out. To do so, a wide descriptive study will be carried out with the use of tools for quantitative analysis, specifically a questionnaire. This questionnaire will be administered, once the appropriate modifications and adaptations are conducted, to different populations:

  • Early Childhood Education teacher training male students
  • Early Childhood Education (0-3 and 3-6) male professionals
  • Relatives of 0-3 and 3-6-year-old children with male teachers
  • Colleagues of male teachers

From the results obtained, informational and tutorial intervention programmes will be developed for students in their last years of secondary school and training cycles.

Second Phase:

Qualitative Study on the Interpersonal Relationships of Male Teachers in Early Childhood Education Centres

We study the influence of gender of educator when establishing the different interpersonal relationships;

  • those that may have an effect on the development of child autonomy
  • those that may have an effect on relationships with families and
  • those that may have an effect on other professionals of the centre.

To obtain data, we start from direct observations in different settings of interaction in the schools and from thorough interviews.

The posterior qualitative analysis will be carried out after establishing a system of categories taken from consulted literature, objective to be attained, and data obtained during the 1st phase of work.

This will be applied to a reduced sample, representative of the population studied.