Teaching and learning egalitarian values ​​and attitudes from early childhood: Male educators and teachers in Early Childhood Education schools

This research project is aimed to help make a more equitable society possible, and implicitly to improve the quality of educational provision for children. The difficulties are obvious: abundance of stereotypes, social beliefs, working conditions, etc. All this favours Early Childhood education to be a workplace for women, very feminine, with poor prestige and social recognition. Our hypothesis is that if from early childhood children grow up in formal educational environments with both male and female educators, this can contribute to education in contexts where children live and experience egalitarian values and attitudes. With our research results, we intend to contribute to changes needed to promote better social awareness, enhanced if possible, by government measures that favour it. Equitable models that can be displayed from educational institutions may be objects of interest, evaluation, reproduction in more nuclear social circles such as families, friends, leisure, etc.