General objectives:

• To assess, under criteria of gender equity, the Early Childhood Education (0-6) stage in the Catalan education system.
• To promote the creation of learning environments where human relationships consider gender equity.

Specific and operational objectives

• To develop the theoretical framework of reference for gender equity in Early Childhood Education
• To determine the theoretical assessment model to apply to research
• To specify assessment criteria to measure gender equity
• To define the method for data collection and analysis
• To design of data collection instruments
• To develop an assessment handbook and the corresponding protocol for application
• To follow their implementation and subsequently to improve their design.
• To disseminate the protocol among Early Childhood Education schools in Catalonia
• To study the impact of its implementation among the educational community
• To create a favourable state of opinion for the inclusion of gender equity as a quality indicator of the education system
• To contribute to expanding and disseminating current research lines on this issue
• To provide arguments to the public administration, so that they can expand and develop measures to promote education in egalitarian values and attitudes