Evaluation of Gender Equity in Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education school is a privileged setting to educate towards gender equity and the professionals who work there are really suitable for the sensitivity that most of them have always shown in relation to this issue. But we also know that we are the result of a traditional education and we need tools to be sure of the quality and objectivity of the work carried out at the school in relation to education in such values as gender equity. It has been sufficiently proved that we do not always act according to what we know. Too often what we have experienced emerges at unexpected times.

To promote objectifiable practice, based on knowledge and conviction, we intend to contribute with a protocol that promotes objective analysis of educational practice and shared reflection of teaching staff and the entire education community willing to join. It is an instrument that provides the security that educational practices really conform to the theoretical shared approaches that often appear in the schools’ educational projects.

The development and validation of the proposed protocol and its subsequent adaptation to different educational realities in our country is the purpose of this research.