The observation pattern to be developed is based on the pattern already validated for schools for children aged 3 to 6 (Geis, 2014).

Then, the pattern will allow us to record, with a direct observation technique, how 0-3 school dining halls work, by using an estimation scale.

To validate this pattern, we will focus on content validity, which we obtain through the following steps: selection of five external experts, their reviewing the observation pattern, and the application of their suggested modifications.

For the reliability of the observation pattern, different observations of 0-3 school dining halls will be carried out. Intra- and inter-observer reliability will be intended. Due to the nature of our study, and especially to avoid bias that the researcher might cause on the observations to be made, external observers will be chosen, although we will also act as observers. These observers will receive adequate training on 0-3 school dining halls and on observational techniques. The participants to test the reliability will be different 0-3 school dining halls. We will have to consider that the different types of 0-3 schools are represented in the sample.