To collect data for this research, we used two different instruments: interview and focus group.

The teachers in charge of the project were interviewed at three different moments of the process – before starting, during the project and once the project had finished; questions were semi-structured and allowed the interviewee for open answers.

The second instrument for data collection was a focus group that allowed the four participating teachers to share their assessments and proposals for improvement after project implementation.

Results from the interviews and focus group were classified into seven categories as obtained from the objectives. From the observation and analysis, encoding and decoding were carried out on the observed reality to understand and interpret it. This study is, then, set in the humanistic-interpretative paradigm, which results in the application of the Hermeneutics method.

Timing of data collection

January 2014: first interview to teachers involved

January 2014: second interview after presentation to students

April 2014: third interview at the end of the first phase of the project

June 2104: fourth interview at the end of the project.

June 2014: focus group